Daily boat tour wıth beverages and food

Animation, Foam Party, Music, Dance, beverages and food, Water sports, Jumping

Tour Details

We start to sail at 10:00 o’clock and visit the red tower and the old shipyard in the begin. First stop will be 20 min. To swim and than we see 3 caves called as pirates, lovers and phosphorus caves.

The second swim break is 30 minutes around the cleopatra beach and than we eat our lunch on the boat which takes 1 hour. we have chicken grill,meat balls and spaghetti as a main food and season salat as a starter.

Soft drinks will be inclusive all the day. You can also get local drinks with alcohol but they will be paid by you. After the lunch we will visit 2 more beaches called as ulaş and heaven beaches. We stop here the thirth time for 30 minutes and you can make water sports. Than we continue to sail to the sea to see the dolphins and caretta caretta.

While we are sailing you will have fruit salat and animations, music with foam party. Last and fourth stop will be for 15 minutes with an amazing wiev of the castle and alanya city. Than we turn back to the harbour at 16:00 o’clock.

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